Our Terms and Conditions

1. The indicated Lestarieven are per person per hour, during which hour a total of half an hour on the course is enjoyed, in 3 blocks of about 10 minutes, assuming a double occupancy on the runway, and include the use of material.

2. The tuition for the lessons booked must be paid before the beginning of the first class by means of cash payment or bank. There is no possibility of paying by credit card.

3. There is only one time per student to be able to follow a introduction.

4. With the exception of the 6-lesson card and the 10-lesson card, the lessons booked can only be followed by the person in whose name the subscription has been booked.

5. In the event of being unable to attend, lessons booked up until 48 hours before the start of the lesson may be cancelled free of charge, in which case no refund of the lesson fee shall be made. Classes that are cancelled within 48 hours before the start of the class will be deducted from the relevant subscription.
If you cannot or may not come because of the Coronavirus you can cancel free of charge up to 2 hours prior to the lesson.

6. The cancellation of classes can be physically at the desk, by telephone during opening hours.

7. Further lessons to be enjoyed on a closed subscription, including those to replace cancelled classes, may take place no later than 31st December of the season following the season in which the subscription was completed. For not taken lessons, no claim will be made on restitution of tuition.

8. The course participant shall follow the lessons at his own risk. The Amstelveen Ski School does not accept any liability for damages resulting from the course of the course of the lessons or any visible or invisible, hidden or not concealed lack of any of the used teaching materials, the job on which Included, whether or not it is the result of attributable shortcoming or not and of third parties or not.

9. The student shall be responsible for the costs of all judicial and extrajudicial measures, which the student may deem useful or necessary for the benefit of his rights under this agreement.

10. In the event of default, ski school Amstelveen will be allowed to charge the student with its extrajudicial collection costs, which will amount to at least 15% of the principal amount due, with a minimum of €150.00, as well as In the case of a Procedure (co-) with regard to this, any process costs incurred by him, including in so far as a process cost conviction according to the usual tariffs concerning. Furthermore, in the case of late payment, the student owes a delay interest of 1.25% per month, counting from the first day after the expiration of the term of payment up to the day of overall satisfaction.