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Skiing and snowboarding can be learned in the Netherlands at:

But are these lessons equally good everywhere? Final conclusion Consumers' Association:

"Our preference for a snowboard lessons goes to a roller job. Although the snow is missing here, you will learn the technique faster on a roller job. "

In the Dutch Mountains

Skiing in the Mountainless Netherlands can: On 7 covered snow slopes, 23 outdoor courses without snow and thick 50 covered roller lanes. On all these courses you can learn to ski and snowboard. But that is not to say that these lessons are equally good everywhere.

For winter sports you have to go far. In The Netherlands we have no mountains and rarely snow. But ski lovers did not have to catch a hole and found some of it. First, they zoefdened from the slopes with brushes or mats, later the roller orbits, in which a brush or mathelling as it were pulled under you and again later The runways with artificial snow. What is the best system to start on? We wanted to learn to snowboard and wonder if the type of job is something. And whether we could also do something about it. So we took a trial lesson at two snow lanes, a roller job with carpet and a brush job. How are the service and instruction, how do you like the lesson and where did we learn the most in one lesson?

Snow course; Sweety Lake

At Snowworld it all goes loosely. Very loose. A clothing advice, for example, we do not get when we make our appointment. While not everyone stands still that it is five degrees below zero on the runway. The shoes we rent are visibly old: the inner lining is hanging out. On our own request we get new. But also the board that we get is somewhat worn out. When we pick up our board to indicate that we have no idea whether we are standing in front of our left or right track, the advice is that we should exchange the board if it does not appear to be correct. The lesson begins with a comprehensive warm-up, after which we switch to the basics. Very far, the size of the group (nine men) does not: there is just enough time to slide down twice in the learned way. Because the lesson is given at the bottom of the piste, the fast boys fly you around the ears. A deposed practice meadow would be more pleasant. Only by the end of the lesson will we be told how to fall. A little late, because just before, a student made an unfortunate landing.

Outdoor job; Ski Centre Hoofddorp

Anyone who wants to discuss a trial lesson on a brush job should be lucky. At Duinrell in Wassenaar we can only go in a few weeks, in houses (Wolfskamer) Ziin only private lessons are possible and then only if the instructor can happen. But in Hoofddorp we can still join a group that has 1 lesson behind it. We get neat clothes advice beforehand. Also when figuring out the materials we are well helped, and the stuff seems to get out of the shop. The lesson is very smooth; We are working on the program very quickly, even if we have not mastered the part yet.

Roller job; All Sports, Amstelveen

At All Sports we get a good kledingsadvies in advance. As far as the material is concerned it is less goedgesteld. The lesson refines a lot. Adjusting to the speed of the role goes in our case quickly and after an hour we have much more snowboard than in the two hours at the lessons on the snow tracks. Within a very intensive hour we already make reasonable curves.